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The achievements of cloning, the genetic modification of organisms, the emergence of new species not previously existed in nature, the radical changes in the human reproductive process, creating transgenic animals (i.e. animals carry genetic material from different species, even humans), the new generation of vaccines and medicines that are made with recombinant DNA methods, etc., make the canvas a new era with its main feature the transformation of genetic substance of living organisms but also has provides new jobs like the very promising medical laboratory scientist career.

Biotechnology in medical as a science of prevention and treatment of physical and mental health of man, located at the center of biotechnological developments. Some of a medical laboratory scientist research and application fields are:

1) the manufacture of products through biotechnology and genetic engineering, such as drugs, vaccines and chemical or biological reagents.


2) the artificial construction of tissues and organs through a process known as tissue engineering.


3) genetic modification of animals with the aim of converting their immune system, so that their organs be made compatible for transplant to humans.


4) the study of the phenomena of aging and research to create tissue from pluripotent stem cells


5) advances in preimplantation diagnosis and gene therapy of genetic diseases.


6) the promotion of research through the creation of transgenic animals.


Apart from these developments directly related to medicine, the creation of transgenic plants and animals and the production of products and foods derived from genetically modified plants and animals, appoints medical research and practitioners with the control of impacts to human health and the overall environment. At this point, the interdisciplinary collaboration between medical, biology, agriculture, and other allied science is necessary, due to the complexity of the testing methods and the assessment of scientific data.

What is certain is that society may not assign its evolution to the experts, because it is known that the scientific culture does not prevent either from national or political fanaticism (as it turned out during the two world wars), nor guarantee that experts can work on behalf of the whole community. But neither can detach the ethical thinking of medical laboratory scientist and transferred to other scholars of social sciences, making it the first irresponsible for their actions.

Reflection, criticism and judgments should be concerned of all citizens. It so is more necessary than ever the meaningful information and participation, the claim for the democratization in decision-making on all scientific issues. Especially now that the man has become the first product of evolution that is capable of control the same evolution, maybe now is the time to quicken the step to meet and reconcile with the individual and collective face.

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